About Us

KayJay Stitching Creations is a boutique clothing company that grew from a hobby into a full time business. We are a daughter and mother team and do all the work ourselves. It takes time to produce hand made clothing and we are often booked solid for weeks in advanced. 

We started out with custom crocheting and moved into sewn clothing because many of our customers were looking for unique clothing for themselves. 

About Kate - "Kay"

Kate grew up in the Durham Region with her parents and Grandfather.  Kate has always been crafty and was surrounded by people whom were very crafty and artistic. Often Kate would create the crafts herself, as opposed to being shown how to do something. She took on a few sewing courses. However, she was taught mostly by her Grandmother in how to sew.

Kate tried to teach herself to crochet through her 20’s, but found it difficult being left-handed and eventually stopped.. In her late 20’s, Kate picked Crocheting back up and stuck with it until a medical issue prevented her from continuing.

Kate eventually returned to sewing, which was easier work around her difficulties.

About Jane - "Jay"

Jane grew up in Toronto with her parents and brother. She went to college for and had a career in nursing. She moved out West and met her husband before moving back to Ontario.

Jane learned to sew while in grade school and eventually started to Crochet and knit in her late-teens. Since then she has been perfecting her craft while being surrounded with crafty and like-minded individuals.

As Kate became older and started selling items, Jane helped in piecing together some of the items, often lending a hand in both the crafting and the selling of items.

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